Universal Medical pacemaker transmitters have been designed for convenient and simplified remote cardiac monitoring of patients with implantable pacemakers.

Selectable Patient
Timed Patient
Reversible Phone
Pulse Width
Data Mode
Remote Mode
Pacetrak™ Plus ENR XXX 
Pacetrak™ SpeaksX XXX
Pacetrak Plus ENR

Pacetrak™ Plus ENR

Pacemaker Monitor featuring Enhanced Noise Reduction

  • Universal phone cradle design operates regardless of which direction the phone handset is positioned in cradle;
  • Self-contained "kit" includes all accessories needed for testing;
  • Compatible with all pacemakers and all ECG receiving stations;
  • Captures real-time ECG and pacemaker activity along with pacemaker pulse widths, rate, interval and A-V interval;
  • Timed patient alert to ensure the patient picks up the telephone at the proper times while testing.

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)

Pacetrak Speaks

Pacetrak™ Speaks

Pacemaker Monitor featuring clinician controlled patient alert

  • By pressing the keys on the phone at the receiving end (DTMF signals), clinicians can alert patients and improve signal quality remotely;
  • In addition to visual indicators, device also announces instruction to patient (i.e. "PLEASE PICK UP THE PHONE");
  • Self-contained "kit" includes magnet, wrist or finger-tip electrodes, 9V battery, and operators manual;

Download Spec Sheet (pdf)